Stainless Steel 310S Tubes Manufacturer, Suppliers, Exporter in India

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An ISO 9001:2015 certified enterprise, US LLP of company is amongst the global leaders from INDIA, reputed for being known as Process Manufactures, Traders, Importers, Stockists, Exporters, and Suppliers of excellent quality 310S Stainless Steel Tubes, Steel 310 Round Tubes, 310 Stainless Alloy Square Tubes, SS 310S Tubes, Alloy 310S Seamless Tubes.

Our range of SS 310S Tubes, Stainless Alloy 310S Round Tube is widely demanded in various industries petrochemical, engineering, sugar industry, cement and constructions industry. With immense market knowledge, we have been able to provide high quality 310S Stainless Steel Tubes. These SS 310S Tubes are made using premium grade raw material and latest advance machinery.

TP 310S Stainless Steel Tubes, Steel 310S CDW Tubes, WERKSTOFF NR. 1.4845 SS 310S ERW Tube, 310S EFW Steel Tubes, 310S Stainless Seamless Tube, UNS S31008 Steel 310S Rectangular Tubes Supplier, TP 310S SS Welded Tubes Exporter, TP 310S Steel Seamless Tube in India.

Stainless Steel TP 310S Tubes, SS 310S Tubes Specification :

Grade: Stainless Steel 304 / UNS S31008 / WNR 1.4845

Specification: ASTM A312, A358 / ASME SA312, SA358

Size: 1/8” NB to 24” NB, 1/4” OD to 24” OD

Type: Seamless Tube, ERW Tube, Welded Tube, EFW Tube, Fabricated Tube, CDW

Length: Double Random & Cut Length, Single Random, Fix length, (as per customer's requirement).

End: Beveled End, Plain End, Treaded

Form: Rectangular, Round, Square, Hydraulic, Etc

Schedule: SCH60, SCH80, SCH120, SCH140, SCH20, SCH30, SCH40, SCH160, XS, XXS, STD,

Features: Corrosion Resistant, High Strength, High Toughness and Defomability

SS Tube Supply To City : Netherlands, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Malaysia, Croatia, Czech Republic, UK, Estonia, Finland, Austria, Slovakia, Oman Qatar, Indonesia, Nigeria, Belgium, Spain, Denmark, Poland.

SS Tube Export To Countries : Saudi Arabia, Greece, Iraq, Hungary, Italy, Slovenia, Latvia, Singapore, Lithuania, Luxembourg, France, Germany, Sweden, Malta, Portugal, Romania, UAE, Ireland, South Africa, Kenya, Iran.

SS 310S S31008 1.4306 / 1.4845 03Х18Н11
3304S11 SUS 310S Z3CN18‐10 X2CrNi18-9 / X2CrNi19-11

ASTM A312 Stainless Steel 310S Welded Tubes, Steel TP 310S Electropolished Tube Chemical Composition

Grade Cr Mo P
310S min. 24.0 0.75
max. 26.0 0.045
S C Mn Si Ni
- - - - 19.0
0.030 0.08 2.0 1.00 22.0

UNS S31008 TP 310S Stainless Steel Tubes, Steel 310S Seamless Tube Mechanical Properties

Grade Elongation (% in 50mm) min Tensile Strength (MPa) min
310S 40 515
Yield Strength 0.2% Proof (MPa) min Hardness
Rockwell B (HR B) max Brinell (HB) max
205 95 217

Available 310S Stainless Steel Tubes Size, SS 310S Round Tube Size India :

NB Sizes Sch 5 Sch 10 Sch 40 Sch 80 Sch 160
1 1/2″
1 1/4″
2 1/2″

UNS S31008 Stainless Steel 310S Seamless Tube, ASTM A312 SS 310S Seamless Tubing

  • S31008 Stainless Steel 310S Seamless Tube
  • Stainless Steel 310S Seamless Round Tubing
  • WRN 1.4845 Seamless Stainless Steel 310S Tubing
  • DIN 1.4845 310S Stainless Steel Seamless Tube
  • ASTM A312 SS 310S Seamless Steel Tube
  • Cold Drawn Steel 310S Galvanized Seamless Tube
  • UNS S31008 SS 310S Polished Seamless Round Tubes
  • SS Steel 310S Seamless Decorative Tube

310S Stainless Steel Welded Tube, SS 310S Welded Tubing, S31008 SS 310S Welded Round Tube

  • S31008 Welded Stainless Steel 310S Tubing
  • ASTM A312 SS 310S Welded Tubing
  • 310S Stainless Steel Welded Tube
  • 1.4845 old Drawn Steel SS 310S Welded Tube
  • 310S SS Polished Welded Round Tubes
  • Stainless Steel 310S Welded Tubing
  • High Quality Steel 310S Welded Tubes
  • DIN 1.4845 SS Steel 310S Galvanized Welding Tube

SS 310S ERW Tube, S31008 SS 310S ERW Tubes, Steel 310S Electric Resistance Welding Tubes

  • S31008 SS 310S Polished ERW Round Tubes
  • ASTM A312 Cold Rolled ERW Steel 310S Tube
  • SS 310S Electric Resistance Welding Tubes
  • CREW Stainless Steel 310S ERW Tube
  • DIN 1.4845 SS 310S ERW Black Steel Tubes
  • Cold Drawn Steel 310S ERW Tube
  • 310S Stainless Steel Electric Welded Tubes
  • 1.4845 SS Steel 310S ERW Welded Tube

Steel 310S Capillary Tube, SS 310S Capillary Tubes, S31008 Polished SS 310S Capillary Tubing

  • 310S Welded Steel Capillary Tubes
  • A312 Steel 310S Capillary Welded Tube
  • 310S Stainless Steel Capillary Tube
  • ASTM A312 SS 310S Capillary Tubing
  • WRN 1.4845 Cold Drawn Steel 310S Capillary Tube
  • 310S SS Polished Capillary Round Tubes
  • 1.4845 Stainless Steel 310S Seamless Capillary Tubing
  • UNS S31008 SS 310S Steel Capillary Galvanized Tube

310S Steel Round Tube, S31008 SS 310S Round Seamless Tubes, SS 310S Polish Round Tube

  • Cold Drawn Steel 310S Round Seamless Tube
  • 1.4845 SS 310S Polished Round Tubes
  • 310S Stainless Steel Round Tube
  • UNS S31008 SS 310S Round Steel Welded Tubing India
  • Round Structural Steel 310S Tubing
  • Stainless Steel 310S Structural Range Round Tube
  • ASTM A312 Stainless Steel 310S Round Tubing
  • DIN 1.4845 SS Steel 310S Round Galvanized Tube

Steel 310S Square Tube, 310S SS Square Tubes, Stainless Steel 310S Polished Square Tube

  • Steel 310S Structural Range Square Tube
  • A312 Stainless Steel 310S ERW Square Tubes
  • 1.4845 Stainless Steel 310S Square Tube
  • ASTM A312 Hot Rolled SS 310S Square Welded Tube
  • S31008 Cold Drawn 310S Steel Square Tube
  • SS 310S Polished Square Seamless Tubing
  • WRN 1.4845 Hot Rolled Square 310S Steel Tubing
  • UNS S31008 SS Steel 310S Square Galvanized Tube

Steel 310S Rectangular Tube, SS 310S Rectangular Tubes, 310S Steel Polished Rectangular Tube

  • S31008 Stainless Steel 310S Rectangular Tube
  • 310S SS Rectangular Steel Tube
  • UNS S31008 Stainless Steel 310S Rectangular Tubing
  • DIN 1.4845 Rectangular 310S Stainless Steel Tube
  • ASTM A312 SS 310S Rectangular Tubes
  • Cold Drawn 310S Steel Rectangular Tubing
  • Polished WRN 1.4845 SS 310S Rectangular Tubes
  • Galvanized Steel 310S Rectangular Tube

1.4845 Steel 310S Electropolish Tube, 310S SS Polish Tubes, Steel 310S Round Polished Tubing

  • 310S SS Electropolished Welded Tubes
  • Stainless Steel High Purity EP Tubing
  • S31008 SS 310S Steel Electropolished Tubes
  • 310S Stainless Steel Polished Tube
  • ASTM A312 SS Polished Tubing
  • WRN 1.4845 Cold Drawn Steel 310S Polished Round Tube
  • Electropolished Stainless Steel 310S Tubing
  • A312 310S SS Steel Polished Seamless Tubing

S31008 Stainless Steel 310S Hollow Tube, 310S SS Hollow Tubes, Steel Polished Hollow Tubing

  • DIN 1.4845 SS 310S Hollow Round Seamless Tubes
  • 1.4845 Stainless Steel 310S Thin Wall Hollow Tube
  • A312 310S Stainless Steel Hollow Welded Tubes
  • Stainless Steel 310S Hollow Tube
  • ASTM A312 SS 310S Hollow Polish Tubes
  • S31008 Cold Drawn Steel 310S Hollow Tubing
  • Thick Wall Hollow 310S Stainless Steel Tube
  • 310S SS Steel Hollow Welded Tubing

A312 Stainless 310S Injection Tube, SS 310S Injection Pipe, Stainless Steel 310S Injection Tube

  • Steel SS Injection Welded Pipe
  • SS Steel 310S Injection Seamless Pipe
  • A312 SS 310S Injection Tubes
  • S31008 Stainless Steel 310S Injection Tubing
  • 1.4845 Stainless Steel 310S Injection Pipe
  • ASTM A312 Injection SS 310S Tube
  • 310S Cold Drawn Steel Injection Tube
  • WRN 1.4845 Coated Stainless Steel 310S Injection Tubes

Steel 310S Decorative Tube, SS 310S Decorative Tubes, 1.4845 310S Steel Decorative Tubing

  • SS 310S Decorative Round Seamless Tubes
  • 1.4845 Coated Decorative Stainless Steel 310S Round Tube
  • A312 Decorative Stainless Steel 310S Tube
  • Stainless Steel 310S Decorative Tube
  • ASTM A312 Decorative Steel SS 310S Tubes
  • S31008 Cold Drawn Steel 310S Decorative Tube
  • SS Steel 310S Decorative Welded Tube
  • 1.4845 Stainless Steel 310S Decorative Seamless Tube

S31008 Stainless Steel 310S Sanitary Tube, SS 310S Sanitary Tubing, WRN 1.4845 Stainless Steel 310S Seamless Sanitary Tube

  • Coated Stainless Steel 310S Sanitary Tube
  • 1.4845 High Quality Sanitary Steel 310S Tubing
  • 310S Stainless Steel Sanitary Tubing
  • ASTM A312 Sanitary Steel SS 310S Tube
  • WRN 1.4845 Stainless Steel 310S Seamless Sanitary Tubing
  • SS 310S Sanitary Tubes in India
  • S31008 Stainless Steel 310S Sanitary Tubes
  • SS Steel 310S Sanitary Seamless Tubing

UNS S31008 Steel 310S Instrumentation Tube, SS 310S Instrumentation Seamless Tubing

  • A312 SS 310S Instrumentation Seamless Tube
  • ASTM A312 Instrumentation Steel 310S Tubes
  • WNR 1.4845 Fabricated Seamless Steel 310S Instrumentation Tubes
  • S31008 Stainless Steel 310S Instrumentation Tube
  • Instrumentation ASTM A312 Steel 310S Tube
  • 310S SS Instrumentation Tubing India
  • DIN 1.4845 Stainless 310S Seamless Instrumentation Tubes
  • SS Steel 310S Welded Instrumentation Tubing

Stainless Steel 310S Heat Exchanger Tube, WRN 1.4845 SS 310S Heat Exchanger Seamless Tubes

  • SS 310S Heat Exchanger Tube in India
  • 310S Stainless Steel Heat Exchanger Tubing
  • Stainless Steel 310S Heat Exchanger Tube
  • Steel SS 310S Heat Exchanger Tubes
  • A312 Steel 310S Heat Exchanger Tubing
  • Coated Heat Exchanger 310S Stainless Steel Tube
  • Fabricated Heat Exchanger 310S SS Seamless Tubes
  • 310S SS Steel Welded Heat Exchanger Tube

310S Steel Bright Annealing Tube, SS 310S Bright Annealed Tube, Seamless 310S Annealing Tube

  • Stainless Steel 310S Bright Annealing Seamless Tube
  • 1.4845 Coated Bright Annealed Stainless Steel 310S Tubes
  • S31008 Stainless Steel 310S Bright Annealed Tube
  • ASTM A312 Welded Steel SS 310S Bright Annealing Tube
  • WRN 1.4845 Cold Drawn Steel 310S Custom Bright Tube
  • 310S SS Bright Annealed Tube in India
  • 310S Steel Bright Annealing Seamless Tube
  • UNS S31008 SS 310S Steel Bright Annealed Welded Tube

SS 310S Tubes, UNS S31008 Stainless Steel 310S Round Tube Specification:

Standards : ASTM A312, ASTM A358, ASME SA312, ASME SA358

Grade: Stainless Steel 310S

Stainless Steel TP 310S Tubes Steel 310S Seamless Tube
ASTM A312 Steel Instrumentation Tube UNS S31008 Stainless ASTM A312 Tube
TP 310S EFW Tubes Steel Price SS 310S Sanitary Tubes
310S SS Rectangular Tubes in India Steel 310S Oval Tubes
UNS S31008 310S Stainless Steel Bright Annealed Tubes DIN 1.4845 TP 310S Steel Seamless Tube
TP 310S Steel Hexagonal Tubes SS 310S EFW Seamless Tube

Steel 310S Seamless Tubes DIN 1.4845 Stainless Steel 310S Welded Tube SS 310S Electropolish ERW Tubes
Steel TP 310S Round Tube TP 310S Stainless EFW Tubes SS 310S Galvanised Tube
Stainless Steel 310S Tubes UNS S31008 TP 310S Steel EFW Tubes TP 310S Instrumentation Tube
DIN 1.4845 Stainless Steel 310S Rectangular Tubes 310S Steel Seamless Tubes UNS S31008 TP 310S Stainless High Pressure Tubes

UNS S31008 Steel TP 310S Seamless Tubes, SS 310S Tube Application Industries:

  • Automobile Industry
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Manufacturing Engineering
  • Oil & Gas Industry
  • Construction Industry
  • Sea Water Equipment
  • Power Generation
  • Chemical Processing
  • Petrochemicals
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Marine Engineering
  • Gas Processing
Application Industries

DIN 1.4845 Steel 310S EFW Tube, TP 310S SS Seamless Round Tubes - We Export To Countries

Rabat, Mogadishu, Kazakhstan, New York, Bulawayo, Morocco, Abu Dhabi, Malaysia, UK, Bangladesh, Port Harcourt, Sudan, Myanmar, Angola, Johannesburg, Cairo, Indonesia, Iran, Azerbaijan, Dubai, Zaria, Bamako, Mbuji-Mayi, Cape Town, Peru, Abidjan, Lebanon, Kaduna, Algeria, UAE, Jordon, Lagos, Fez, Subra al-Haymah, Austria, London, Luanda, Hong Kong, Yemen, Lubumbashi, Kuwait, Mexico, Benin, Port Elizabeth, Colombo, Kampala, Trinidad and Tobago, Uganda, Kinshasa, Casablanca, Spain, Vietnam, Mozambique, Mozabique, Brazzaville, Algiers, Argentina, Cameroon, Nigeria, Maiduguri, Pretoria, Conakry, Freetown, Douala, Alexandria, Netherland, United States, Kolwezi, Jordan, Accra, Egypt, Kano, Qatar, Turkey, Ghana, Phillipine, Omdurman, Canada, Khartoum, Giza, Durban, Thailand (Bangkok), Tunisia, Maputo, Africa, Antananarivo, Cyprus, Harare, Austalia, Soweto, Houston, Ouagadougou, Germany, Addis Ababa, Iraq, Oman, Italy, Yaoundé, Ibadan, Australia, Dakar, Dar es Salaam, Venezuela, Singapore, Russia, Israel, Colombia, Ethiopa, Sri Lanka, Chine, Bahrain, South Africa, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, South America, Nairobi, New Zealand, Tripoli.

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Kolkata, Nagda, Benin, Virar, Nagpur, Coimbatore, Muktsar, Kolapur, Durgapur, Ahmedabad, Ambala, Aurangabad, Kalyan, Pimpri and Chinchwad, Betul, Kota, Haora, Amritsar, Manipur, Pune, Ulhasnagar, Kalyani, Ajmer, Vadodara, Jabalpur, Gulbarga, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, Solapur, Banswara, Ghaziabad, Rajkot, Gujarat, Bihar, Maharashtra, Waghala, Karnataka, Kurnool, Nagaur, Faridabad, Bansberia, Dehradun, Ujjain, Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh, Kanpur, Delhi, Udgir, Kasganj, Haryana, Gwalior, Nanded, Lucknow, Jamnagar, Dombivali, Mizoram, West Bengal, Punjab, Gorakhpur, Akola, Guwahati, Asansol, Ballia, Vasai, Jodhpur, Tripura, Bikaner, Baraut, Srinagar, Port, Bundi, Suryapet, Thane, Ambattur, Orissa, Bangalore, Guntur, Kerala, Indore, Visakhapatnam, Madurai, Meerut, Blair, Jaipur, Amravati, Chhattisgarh, Jhansi, Raipur, Siliguri, Datia, Mumbai, Bhopal, India, Bhadreswar, Allahabad, Ranchi, Tadepalligudem, Sadar, Dhanbad, Nagapattinam, Navi Mumbai, Surat, Tirunelveli, Miryalaguda, Varanasi, Gujarat, Saharanpur, Mangalore, Madhya Pradesh, Chandigarh, Puducherry, Jamalpur, Chennai, Belgaum, Ludhiana, Bhiwadi, Jharkhand, Assam, Buxar, Hinganghat, Hubli and Dharwad, Loni, Hyderabad, Bhavnagar, Rajasthan, Patna, Tamil Nadu, Nashik.